Frequently Asked Questions

Is the proof of Anpec the only way to enter the course?

To enter as a regular student in the Program, the candidate must submit to the Anpec exam. The classification in the selection process for the master’s course will be determined by the classification obtained in the exam. For the doctorate course, will also be considered the analysis and the argue of preliminary research project by specific selection committee. The weight of the ANPEC test result and the analysis and argue of the draft will be the same for the generation of the result.

How are the program vacancies filled?

Candidates are called in the sort order until the number of vacancies is completed.

How are scholarships distributed?

The scholarships are allocated according to the classification in the exam of the Anpec, considering the regulations of the financing agencies.

What is the class schedule?

The schedules are defined each semester and occur during the daytime period from Monday to Friday.

Can I study subjects without being a regular student?

In UFSC there is the figure of the “special student”. In the Master of Economics the student can attend up to two disciplines. These disciplines can be validated if the student enters as a regular student and has obtained concept B or higher. Acceptance of a special student is the decision of each teacher.

Can courses in other programs be validated?

Up to 12 credits of courses in other programs can be validated, as long as the content is compatible with the discipline offered in our Program, carried out in the last five years and minimum concept B.