Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ANPEC Exam the only form of admission to the Program?
To enter the Program as a regular student, the candidate must take the ANPEC exam. The ranking in the master’s program selection process is determined by the scores obtained in the exam. For admission to the doctoral program, along with the ANPEC exam, a special committee evaluates the submission and presentation of a preliminary research project. The ANPEC exam result and the pre-project evaluation will be weighted the same for the calculation of the final score.

How are the program’s seats filled?
Applicants are admitted according to their ranking in the selection process until the number of seats is fulfilled.

How are scholarships granted?
The scholarships are granted according to the ranking in the ANPEC exam, complying with the regulations of the funding agencies.

What is the class schedule?
The schedules are defined each semester. Classes are offered during the daytime from Monday to Friday.

Can I take courses without being a regular student?
UFSC allows for non-degree students to take courses as “special students”. In the PPGEco master’s program, students can take up to two single courses. Credits can be later transferred if the student enters the program as a regular student, provided that s/he has obtained grade B or higher. Acceptance of a special student in a course is decided by each course instructor.

Can course credits from other programs be transferred?
Up to 12 course credits obtained from other programs can be transferred into the PPGEco, as long as the content is compatible with the courses offered in our Program, they have been obtained in the last five years, and the grade is B or above.