Master’s Degree

Admission Process – Master’s Degree

The Master’s Degree Program in Economics accepts applications from undergraduate degree holders from any area of ​​knowledge, provided that the degree has been obtained from full-length programs, awarded by a Higher Education Institution and recognized by the National Education Council.

The Program is public and tuition-free, with on-campus courses and academic activities held on a semester basis. Classes are taught Monday through Friday, in the morning and afternoon, varying according to the schedule established each semester.

Regular Student Admission:

The selection process for entry into the PPGEco is based on a national selection process organized by the National Association of Graduate Schools in Economics – ANPEC.

– Applicants are selected according to the ranking in the ANPEC Exam (Resolution no. 25/PPGEco of 5 October 2018).

– The registration period for the national examination is defined by ANPEC itself.

– The number of seats in the program will be defined according to availability of thesis supervisors.

* ANPEC manual and registration form:

* ANPEC e-mail: