Admission Process


The Program is public and tuition-free, with on-campus courses and academic activities held on a semester basis. Classes are taught Monday through Friday, in the morning and afternoon, varying according to the schedule established each semester.

The PPGEco selection process uses the National Association of Graduate Economics Centers (ANPEC) exam, known as the ANPEC Exam. Every year, the program issues a Notice that instructs procedures in accordance with UFSC Normative Resolution No. 57/2019/CPG and Normative Resolution No. 145/2020/CUn, complementing the Candidate Manual published by ANPEC, which details the form of registration, the steps and form of correction of the tests, the criteria for forming the marks, the scope of knowledge of the tests, the number of vacancies, the relevant dates and the procedures for confirming acceptances.

The Candidate Manual for the ANPEC 2022 Exam can be accessed at: