All PPGEco faculty members hold a doctoral degree. Their accreditation in the program took into account the quality of their scientific publications in economic journals.


André Alves Portela Santos
Research interests: Financial Econometrics, Time Series Forecasting, Linear and Nonlinear Models, Portfolio Optimization, Market Risk Management and Investment Funds.
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Dominik Hartmann     

Research interest: International Economy and Economic Development

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Eraldo Sergio da Silva
Research interests: Behavioral Economics and Econophysics
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Francis Carlo Petterini Lourenço
Research interests: Public Sector Economics, Microdata Analysis and Economic Evaluation of Public Policies.
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Gilson Geraldino Silva Júnior
Research interests Innovation and Market Structure, Innovation and Productivity, Innovation and Infrastructure, Innovation and the Labor Market.
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Guilherme de Oliveira     

Research interest: Economic Growth, Income Distribution and the Environment.

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Guilherme Valle Moura
Research interests: Econometrics, Computational Economics and Finance
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Helberte João França Almeida 

Research interests: Agent-based Modeling, Applied Public Finance and Applied Econometrics.

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Hoyêdo Nunes Lins
Research interests: Economic Development, Regional and Urban Development, Economic History, Evolution of Contemporary Capitalism, Geoeconomics and Geopolitics.
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Jaylson Jair da Silveira
Research interests: Evolutionary Games, Macrodynamics of Cycles and Economic Growth, and Agent-Based Computational Economics.
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João Frois Caldeira
Research interests: Portfolio Building models and Risk Management, Statistical Arbitrage and Yield Curve Construction and Forecasting Models.
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Marcelo Arend
Research interests: Brazilian Economy, Development Strategies and Technological Revolutions.
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Pedro Luiz Paolino haim                         

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Roberto Meurer
Research interests: Monetary Economics, Macroeconomics, International Finance, International Travel
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Silvio Antonio Ferraz Cario
Research interests:  Economics of Innovation, Productive Reorganization, Localized Productive Agglomerations
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Solange Regina Marin
Research interests: Philosophy and Methodology of Economics; History of Economic Thought; Economic Development.
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